Justin's Life... November 30, 1995

My life... November 30, 1995

November 30, 1995


Tuesday morning, I woke at 8AM to get ready for a 9:30AM Grave Line Tour, a tour of Hollywood death spots via hearse.

Anyway, Larry took me to the drop off site and I walked over. The hearse driver introduced himself as Scott and he assumed I was Larry since "Larry" was listed on the reservations: I saw no need to correct him.

For the next two hours, I got to see various spots such as where Halloween was filmed and where various stars overdosed. During the trip, I noticed that Scott was making a little too much effort to point out which stars were gay and his tight black jeans & haircut increased my suspicions.

Once the tour was over and I was signing the credit card authorization, Scott looked at me eye-to-eye for about five seconds, something that straight guys rarely do. I got a huge grin on my face, knowing that he knew that I knew.

I walked down to the corner to look for Larry's white Mercedes and I just happened to look back at Scott to see a rainbow flag on the hearse's bumper.

Once Larry had picked me up, we headed over to Sony Music to meet for lunch with Kathleen, one of Larry's best friends. We got to Sony Music, passed a couple of security checkpoints, but then found Kathleen's secretary to find out that Kathleen was mobile. Larry gave her a call and we agreed to meet at a vegetarian restaurant called Real Food Daily.

On coincidence, we arrived within 30 seconds of each other, hugged, and went inside. After going to the upstairs dining area, we began to talk. It was a really koool conversation. Kathleen's a tell-ya- like-it-is kinda gal. I could really see why Larry called her a best friend. They both have no-nonsense, get-things-done, but life-is-fun personalities. I wouldn't mind being like either one of them when I get a little older.

As far as the meal was concerned itself, it was horrible: Microbiotic, tasteless mush. They didn't even have salt or Pepsi. I don't think McDonald's will have much to worry about.

After the "meal" was over, we headed back to Sony Music where Kathleen played a tape of one of her new acts and gave us the tour. When we got to the "media" room, Kathleen asked me if I'd like any C.D.'s. I said, "Sure" and she opened various cabinet drawers to show me what they had: I picked out a handful.

After the tour was over and Kathleen was on the phone, Larry asked her secretary if we could tour the studios. She, in turn, called the guy who was in the "media" room who then said the studios were in session but we could see the mixing room.

As I walked back through the many doors and areas, I kept thinking that it was koool that I was in "a restricted area", that if Larry wasn't in the music industry and didn't know Kathleen, there was no way that I'd be there.

I grabbed some matches on a coffee table that said, "Sony Music Studios" and we headed back to Kathleen's office. She paused from her phone conversation to say good-bye and we left.


Later Monday, we met up with Larry's friend Bob for dinner at an expensive restaurant called DC3.

After sitting down at the table, Larry and Bob began to talk about cars. Eventually, it became obvious to me that I must have become invisible. The two of them were engaged in their conversation and didn't even look in my direction. I looked at my watch to see just how long they could go without looking at me... 2... 5... 7... 10... 11... The waiter arrived and he didn't get a glance either... 12 minutes and finally they looked in my direction and Larry apologized for ignoring me.

Soon, my feelings about being ignored subsided and the three of us began talking. The conversation was okay. Bob, too, is a tell-ya- like-it-is kinda guy, but he's also an -argue-with-you-for-the-sake- of-arguing kinda guy as well. It seemed like he knew everything about everything except for the things that I should know. I mean, if he didn't know it, it was because I should know it myself, and if I didn't know it, I should think harder. One noticible remark he made was about how I addressed the fact that many people who are in my life also read my diary. He said that in his newsletter, he's doing similar stuff, but usually the people he writes about don't read it. I wonder how he'll take this less-than-wonderful review.

Anyway, the meal was over and we continued to talk. He made some valid points, and I do have some things I need to think about. I realized that I, too, wasn't glancing at Larry while Bob talked, and so I apologized.

A little after 11PM, we drove Bob home and Larry and I returned here.

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