Justin's Life

How can you contact me?

The easiest way to get ahold of me is via e-mail:
justin @ justinslife.com

Try to make your subject line interesting, and remember that it's really hard keeping your Arial 10 font separate from his Arial 10 font. Any sort of way you can make your e-mail unique will be appreciated... but if you can't think of anything super unique, please write anyway.

Alternately, you can get my attention via postal mail:

Justin Clouse - 9903 Santa Monica Blvd #170 - Beverly Hills CA 90212

I appreciate cards, photos, and the like, but please don't send anything larger than a book without first contacting me otherwise. This isn't my home address, but a mailing service... and besides, I'm a little weary opening large packages from strangers. Paranoid, I know, but if you're gonna send me something like a gift, you should be saying "Howdy" via e-mail first anyway.


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