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32 Months In The Making...

Nearly three years after this project was first conceptualized, it's now ready for debut. It took a lot of mentally taxing work and a lot of tweaking to get it just right, and it went through three different Flash designers before getting to where it is today. Hopefully, though, it was worth the time, effort, and wait. :)

Upon clicking the "Go There" link below, you'll be magically transported to a world full of color, where you, the hero of our little adventure, will put your date getting skills to the test.

Should you fail, your computer will explode*, but should you succeed, you'll get a date with a cute red headed guy named Brick. As we all know, a date with a cute red head is DEFINITELY worth the risk of your computer exploding. *grin*

Anyway, thanks for playing... and feel free to forward on the game or URL to your friends.


Go There!


* your computer may or may not explode
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