Justin's Life

What do I look like?

When I read a book, which is rare, I read autobiographies like "Reba: My Story" by Reba McEntire or first person comedies like "Book" by Whoopi Goldberg. I like knowing the author on a more "intimate" level than simply "Danielle Steel". I like picturing him or her in the setting and attributing what I perceive as his or her characteristics into the situation.

I figure I'm not the only one, so throughout the diary you'll find more visually based items here and there... and there's also this page: Pictures of me in various settings. They were chosen as a representative mix over a period of around the last two to three years.

What does ______ look like?

Most of the people in my life couldn't care less about having their face online. Others would rather be held hostage in a bank robbery. I understand that we all have different comfort levels, and abide by their wishes. "Steven" is any Steven when his name is in the diary, but he's pretty much singled out as one particular person when his photo is online. So, as much as possible, here are the people who are (or who were) part of my life: Pictures of my life.

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