Justin's Life


When was I born? When did I start this web site? When was the background photo taken?

Which when were you wanting?

When was I born?

I was born on December 17, 1975 to a couple of newlyweds, who were married just over a year before. They'd both been married previously and both had kids from their first marriages, but I was their first together. My little brother followed about 18 months later.

When did I start my web site?

Justin's Koool Page was started in January 1995. It may have a different URL and a different look than when it first started, but the journal entries dated January 1995 were written in January 1995, the ones dated February 1995 were written in February 1995, and so on. I can't swear that the background images were there when the first pages were written (as I simply don't remember), but I've done my best to go through my archives and present the pages as they were first uploaded. That said, links have changed/been removed. (i.e. the site's first inception was at http://www.webcom.com/~justin/. That no longer works, so links which go there have been changed to http://www.koool.com/, the latest URL of Justin's Koool Page as of this writing)

When did Justin's Life... become its own site?

In September 1999, I created JustinsLife.com to give the diary a more "media-friendly" home. Mainstream publications are weary of sites with any sort of nudity, even if it's art. As I want to continue Justin's Koool Page unencumbered (with an art gallery) but as I also want to get as much exposure for the journal as possible, JustinsLife.com was born.

When was the background photo taken?

I'm not certain, but the guy from whom it was purchased said, "Two-piece suit tends to date this to the late teens, early 20s"

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